Archive for March 5th, 2008

#1 – Went to a going away lunch today at the Cheesecake Factory in Winter Park Village with our team for one of our co-workers.  Had the Kobe Cheeseburger.  When you order medium, you get it pretty much raw on the inside.  I ate it.  I didn’t feel too good an hour later.

#2 – Waited for our server to give us fill-up on our drinks (longer than usual).  She had one of the other wait persons take our ice tea glasses.  He gathered them up, took them away and then brought them back filled with the original straws.  Only the one I got back was someone else’s – but couldn’t be sure who’s.  Not a good system.  They should have filled our glasses at the table.

Lunch – Kobe cheese burger with fries $13.95, green ice tea $2.95 + 18% tip = $21.04.  I won’t be back for lunch.


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